Help Us Build a VEX Robotics Practice Field

Retriever Robotics A Project of College of Engineering and Information Technology

We are Retriever Robotics, a student organization at UMBC that strives to enhance the learning of robotics, encourage competitive spirit, promote fellowship and bonding within multidisciplinary fields, and motivate others to engage in STEM fields. We believe that anyone with the passion to work in the field of robotics, regardless of background, has the capacity to pursue and attain experience within robotics. Our organization provides such unique experiences to all students at UMBC through robotics-oriented projects and events.

A core project of Retriever Robotics is the annual VEX competition, where members of varying experience levels design, test, and build 1-2 robots to compete at the competition. For the past 4 years, our organization has designed competition robots without a VEX field perimeter kit. Since having our robot(s) able to complete tasks autonomously represents a large portion of the points at the competition, not having a field is a huge handicap to our ability to design and test a winning robot. The VEX field alone costs $1,130 (for the field kit, floor tile kit, and game elements). In addition, since our parts do wear out quickly and need a means for transporting to our meeting location from the storage room, we need to raise an additional $410 to replace and purchase much needed VEX parts along with a cart. If we exceed our goal, any additional funds will go towards our annual UMBC BattleBots competition, where teams of 2-5 students are given the opportunity to build robots from scratch and face each other head-on at a local elimination-style tournament.

Together We Can Make It Happen! Here's How:
Competition field perimeter kit $800
Competition field floor tile kit $300
Game elements kit $100
Storage and transportation cart $120
Programming hardware kit $50
(4) 7.2V robot batteries $80
(6) Two-wire motors $90
(2) Three-wire servo $40
Integrated encoder module $30
$460 Raised
28% towards $1,610 Goal

Supported by 11 Donations: