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UMBC's Chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics has established three new design teams. Our Design Build Fly team and CanSat team are ready to go through practice trials in the 2016-2017 school year, but we need your help to get off the ground.

Both teams offer students opportunities for hands-on advanced technical development and get them ready for practice in industry. The experience also opens the doors to jobs. Alumni looking to hire UMBC students will have have access to students better prepared to work in the aerospace/aeronautic/ and defense industries. This is the first time UMBC has ever hosted extracurricular aerospace design!

Thank you to everyone who has donated! We have reached our original goal and are very grateful to everyone who has contributed! The goal has been extended to $1500 to help better cover shipping costs. We will be looking to close the campaign at the end of this week but are still accepting donations. The more we receive, the more money we can put towards starting new initiatives such as an aerospace robotics design team, field trips, and hosting networking events such as career information sessions and research seminars. Thank you again for contributing and helping to build the beginnings of an aerospace program at UMBC!

More about our teams:

  • Design Build Fly is an aeronautic national team collegiate design competition where students form design teams to design, construct, and compete with a remote control airplane that has to meet changing requirements from year to year. The competition involves written design reports, manufacturing of the aircraft, and competition of the aircraft.
  • CanSat is a national aerospace collegiate team design project, organized by NASA, where teams go through the full product life cycle of designing an atmospheric vehicle that can measure and transmit atmospheric data back to the surface after being released from a launched rocket. The competition involves creating a Preliminary Design Review (PDR), Critical Design Review (CDR), manufacturing, take off, and Post Flight Review (PFR)

How You Can Help

We have already identified all of the reusable parts and resources needed for our builds-- we just need your help to buy them. Below you'll find a "shopping list" for both teams, with items we'll need each year. 100% of your donation today goes toward purchasing the items we need to compete and win year after year.

Together We Can Make It Happen! Here's How:
2 Xbee Transmitters $50
Pitot tube $13
Magnetometer $10
Supercapacitor $4
2 Arduino Nanos $6
2 barometer pressure sensors $20
2 clocks $28
Batteries $20
6 solar panels $30
4 voltage regulators $24
2 buzzers $20
Nichrome wire $14
Camera $16
Transmitters and receivers $90
Wire reinforcement $9
EPP foam $108
Brushless motor $68
Propellors $12
Wing foil epoxy $53
Wing hardware $20
ABS spools $35
ESC $25
R/C Controller $75
Basswood sheets $25
Landing gear $25
Paint and brushes $10
Shipping and handling $200
$1,710 Raised
113% towards $1,500 Goal

Supported by 31 Donations:

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