Help the UMBC drumline raise money for new gear...

...and keep striving

2017 Down & Dirty Dawg Band Fundraiser A Project of UMBC Athletics

Who are we?

The UMBC Down and Dirty Dawg Drumline is a small, up-and-coming indoor drumline open to all students and drumline alumni of UMBC. With UMBC being one of the most diverse schools in the nation we aim to uphold this reputation. We are a melting pot of majors, genders, ethnicities, skill levels, ages, and personalities. The drumline consists of five snare drums, three quints, seven bass drums and two cymbals. We perform floor shows each year at several basketball games throughout the basketball season, and have become a huge part of the basketball culture! Audience members travel from different counties and states to hear us perform. We are alive with school spirit and from the legacy we have built, we now have students specifically attending UMBC to be a part of the drumline and its history. We aim to be a competitive drumline within the next few years.

What is our vision?

In the beginning, the drumline has worked to establish itself as dominant in the America East Conference, seeking to pave the way for other drumlines, just as the UMBC band has done for many years. After Drew Ballantine took over in 2015, he began expanding the vision. Drew is currently pushing the group to new heights including their current goal of becoming a highly competitive indoor drumline. We will continue to find the balance between enhancing our musical talents, competing, and having fun within our passions now and for many years to come.

How can you help?

In the past seven years, the drumline has grown exponentially. While we're excited for our growth, we're also experiencing growing pains like we've never felt before. We are in need of additional equipment to accommodate the growth in members.

And that's why we need your help! Your donation can help us buy a specific piece of equipment (see our shopping list below). It's easy to make a direct impact on the future of the UMBC Down and Dirty Dawg Drumline.

The group brings so much spirit to UMBC and the community and we won't be able to continue to provide that if we don't have equipment to use. We also, won't be able to continue to grow and begin to compete in Indoor Drumline Competitions. Help us continue to grow and remain one of the best college drumlines in the country!

All funds raised are administered by the UMBC Foundation for the benefit of UMBC

Together We Can Make It Happen! Here's How:
Marching Cymbals (2) $760
Snare Sticks (10) $100
X-Small Bass Mallets (2) $60
Small Bass Mallets (2) $60
Medium Bass Mallets (2) $60
Large Bass Mallet (1) $35
X-Large Bass Mallet (1) $40
Tenor Sticks (6) $72
Drum Keys (3) $55
Marching Snare Head (1) $55
$1,575 Raised
121% towards $1,297 Goal

Supported by 20 Donations: