Support refugee students in their college access journey!

Refugee Youth Project's College JUMP A Project of Campus Life


Thank you to all of our amazing donors- we reached our original goal! Thanks to your generous donations, we will be able to host a semester of informative and engaging on-campus experiences for our students!

Because of the outstanding support of this community, we have raised our goal by $500 in order to fund more awareness and educational events within the wider UMBC community. Thanks again for your support!

Who We Are:

College JUMP is a UMBC Shriver Center program in partnership with the BCCC Refugee Youth Project that works to empower high school refugee and asylee students in Maryland with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to gain admission and feel prepared for success in college!


What We Do:

UMBC students are matched with an 11th- or 12th-grade refugee student from Baltimore City or County to serve as their mentor. Mentees meet with their mentor once a week to learn about and apply for college, all while preparing for success beyond high school.

Starting this year, we will all come together once a month as a group to tour college campuses, meet with current college students, and engage in various aspects of the college experience.


How You Can Help:

We know that the experience of being on a college campus is extremely important to success in applying and preparing for college. Many of our refugee students have never had the opportunity to tour a campus or meet a current college student before. Physically being on a campus and engaging in student activities with current undergrads allows our students to envision this for themselves and make better-informed decisions about their future.


But we need your help to make these excursions a reality for our students!

$10 will support one mentor-mentee match for a single on-campus experience.

Our goal of $1,000 will provide five on-campus experiences for each of our students!

All funds raised are administered by the UMBC Foundation for the benefit of UMBC.

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

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