They're working toward their dreams... put them within reach.

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When you make a donation to the Women's Center Returning Women Students Programming, you're not only supporting a UMBC student but also their children and family, their career goals, and their chance for a better future. Every gift makes a difference!

Help Fund the Returning Women's Spring Orientation!

Our Spring Orientation is quickly approaching and you can act NOW to fund this critical event and introduce returning women to their new community.

  • $10 buys lunch for one student
  • $20 produces a resource guide for 5 students
  • $30 allows a student to take professional headshot for their LinkedIn accounts
  • $40 buys for lunch for 4 students
  • $50 provides childcare support at the event

"I realized it wasn't just the scholarship that helped me - it was the support. As I said when I first came [to school], I was in shock… I was a returning student … I was feeling too stressed out because I was juggling all sorts of things. So when I went to the Women's Center – I thought 'I feel at home now.'"
– Returning Women Student

Each year, more than 750 returning women students attend UMBC. While each college student faces unique challenges, these non-traditional women students face additional barriers, like caring for children and extended family members, part or full-time work, or simply being older in age than most of their classmates. These factors make it harder to stay in school earn a degree. The Women's Center provides support services, aid with funding, opportunities to meet other students in the same situation, and a campus community that feels like home. With us on their team, more returning women students make it to the finish line.

"It's hard feeling like I'm going through this alone and it means a lot to know that there are people here who care and support me and believe in me."
– Returning Women Student

Your donation helps the Women's Center can continue to provide that care, support, and belief to the returning women students at UMBC.

In addition to providing a scholarship to about 20 students a year, we also organize events to support our students and help prepare for life after graduation:

  • Spring and Fall Orientation
  • Resume building and salary negotiation workshops
  • The annual Networking Spectacular event to practice networking and job interviewing skills
  • Monthly meetings that provide connection and support

All funds raised are administered by the UMBC Foundation for the benefit of UMBC.